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Anti-static Bags

You won't get a charge out of these bags. Anti-static bags protect sensitive items from damage due to static electricity, dirt and moisture. Transparent bags with pink or blue tint are easily identified during shipping or storage.

Some of Our Anti-static Bags
Anti-static Zip Lock Bags, Pink
Anti-static Humidity Independent Zipper Bags, Blue
Static Shielding Bags
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anti-static bagsAnti-static Zip Lock Bags

  • Pink Tint

The pink tint means that you are packaging static-sensitive products in an anti-static environment. Anti-static properties will not decrease the strength of the bag no matter how many times the bags are opened or closed. Reinforced zipper side seal gives added security to your product. Transparent. Meet static decay requirements of Mil-B-81705B, Type ll.

Pink anti-static bags are also available as flat bags (no closure).

Choose from .002 (2 Mil) or .004 (4 Mil) thickness.

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anti-static bagsAnti-Static
Humidity Independent Zipper Bags

  • Blue Tint
  • For Controlling Static Even in Dry Air

Extra strength anti-static bags do not require surface moisture to protect against static discharge. Transparent polyethylene film is tinted blue for easy identification. Thickness: .006 (6 Mil). Many sizes available and in stock. Call or email for more information.

Blue anti-static bags are also available flat.

anti-static bagsStatic Shielding Bags

  • Protect against charges inside
    and outside the bag

These anti-static bags are triple layered for maximum static protection. Unlike most anti-static bags that suppress static charges on the outside only, these premium bags guard against charges inside and outside for total "Faraday Cage" protection.

Available plain or imprinted with "Electrostatic Sensitive Devices (ESD)" message hot stamped in yellow. Many sizes available and in stock.
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