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Buy Sandbags and Other Woven Polypropylene Bags

  • Sandbags in olive green, yellow and orange with ties.
    Sandbags are available in Olive Green, Tan, White and Orange
    With or Without Ties Attached
  • UVI Treated
  • Orders in by 12:00 pm are Shipped the
    Same Day

Our tough woven polypropylene sandbags are excellent for use in flooded areas and are strong enough for temporary wall, berm, trench and levee construction.

The standard sandbag size is 14” x 26” and holds 40 to 50 lbs of sand. They can be tied with the attached tie, or filled halfway and flap folded over. We also offer a choice of other sizes that may be more appropriate for your own application.

Sandbag Construction

Sandbags are flat, have a tight weave affording a superior seal for flood control and last longer than burlap bags. Double sewn seams and a hemmed top further enhance durability. Sandbags are available with attached ties.

Sandbags have a flat tight weave for superior seal. Sandbags come with ties attached.

Sandbags are flat with a tight weave.

Sandbags with string ties attached, ready for use.

UVI Treated Sandbags

Our sandbags are treated for UV exposure that allows them to last from 200 to 1600 hours in the sun without disintegrating. The lower UVI rated bags are typically used when rapid deterioration of the bag is desirable after flood or present danger has passed. For longer lasting use, choose the high UVI bags which are popular in sunny states such as Florida, Arizona and California. When protected from the sun, all bags will last almost indefinitely.

Other Uses for Woven Polypropylene Bags

Although featured on this page as sandbags for flood control, these woven polypropylene bags have other uses. They can be used to hold feed, grain, grass seed, fertilizer, sugar, beans, rice, gravel and coal in the construction, chemical, agriculture, mining and building materials industries.

Various Packaging can provide you with standard bags as listed on this page or with tailor-made bags for special applications. You have a broad range of sizes to choose from and, of course, custom printed bags featuring your logo or text is a Various Packaging specialty.

Woven Bag Samples

If you need samples of our sandbags or other woven polypropylene bags to evaluate before you decide to buy, just ask us. Call us at
1-209-472-8969 or send us an email.

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High UVI Sandbags 14" W x 26" L
• With Attached Tie Strings
• 1600 Hrs UVI Rating
100 bags/bundle
• Approx. 10 lbs/bundle
Color Rated UVI Hours
Olive Green 1600
White 1600
Orange 1600
Tan 1600
Also available in bales of 1000.

Yellow Sandbags
• With Attached Tie Strings
• 1600 Hrs UVI Rating
W x L Approx. lbs/bundle
500 bags/bundle
8 x 12 18.5
10 x 14 24.5
12 x 20 35.0
14 x 24 48.0
100 bags/bundle
18 x 30 15.0
20 x 36 21.5
Also available in bales of 1000

White Sandbags
• 200 Hrs UVI Rating
• 100 bags/bundle
W x L Approx. lbs/bundle
With Attached Tie Strings
14 x 26 10.0
18 x 30 15.0
W/O Tie Strings
18 1/2 x 36 18.5
22 x 36 20.0
23 x 40 21.5
24 x 40 22.0
Also available in bales of 1000


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